The CIPCG was established in 2003, and became a member of the International Polymer Clay Association that same year.  Charlene (Cat) Therien was the founding President; Pam Miller is the current President.

The CIPCG meetings are open to the public.  The guild meets monthly at the Hobby Lobby craft store in Peoria, Illinois.  Meetings are called “Clay Day”, and are preceded by an inexpensive polymer clay class, which is also open to the public, but registration for the class must be made ahead of time.

The Clay Day starts at 1:00 pm and goes until the members decide to end.  Members and visitors are encouraged to bring the polymer clay projects they have been working on.  The meeting is an informal get-together which often includes a pot-luck supper.  Polymer clay projects are encouraged, so members and visitors can bring their clay and tools to work on a project during the guild meeting.

No dues are collected at this time, and membership in the guild is free.  We have an online forum through Yahoo, in which we connect with one another throughout the month to discuss our guild and other polymer clay related interests.


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