Guild Meeting for August 2011

We had a great time at our CIPCG meeting this past Saturday.  There were 7 of us and everyone was working on a different project.  Click on the pictures below to get an up-close look at what we were working on.

Pam brought some polymer clay rings and pendants she had made.  They were really neat!  She’d also been working with hammered silver solder – what a great idea.  I loved her music note pendant.  Oh and her tile bracelet was beautiful!  And there were these micro-tile leather bracelets, too…. yummy.

Scott joined us for the first time, and Pam taught him how to make a Retro Cane with the Makin’s Clay extruder (the green one).  Scott is an art teacher and wants to share polymer clay with his students.  He thought the Retro Cane was a really interesting technique.

Linda’s son is getting married, and she wanted to make a necklace to go with the dress she picked out for the wedding.  After looking through Julie Picarello’s book, she decided to make a Lazy River necklace in complementary colors.

Liz worked on mixing colors to go with some geode beads she’d purchased, and also on a cuff bracelet, while Diane conditioned a beautiful mint green color of Sculpey III to make some beads.

Ann was there, and though I didn’t get a picture of it, she was working on a beautiful mini vase, covering it with polymer clay.

I worked on a polymer clay cane in the shape of a triple leaf.  This cane is for fimo nail art, and will be used as a fingernail decoration.  The cane starts out at about 3 inches in diameter.  By the time I’m done reducing, it’s 1/4 inch in diameter.  You can see the progression of the cane below.

Now we can’t forget about the food!  Of course we had a potluck lunch again, which is a highlight of our guild meetings.  Sub sandwiches, cookies, hummus and chips, rice crispy bars, and milkshakes!

If you’re in the Peoria area and would like to join us for a CIPCG meeting, you are welcome to join us.  Meetings are free and open to the public.  We meet at the Hobby Lobby store in Peoria on University Street.  Either contact us for details and to be put on the mailing list, or watch this website for the September event.


About Charlene Therien

Charlene is an award-winning artist who has been creating professionally since 2003. She preserves fresh or dried flowers into memorial keepsakes, whether the flowers are days old or decades old, she can preserve them for a lifetime in a commemorative keepsake.
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One Response to Guild Meeting for August 2011

  1. Sue Castle says:

    This was great, Charlene, thanks for sharing. Hopefully someday I can make it back over there for a guild meeting. Smiles

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