Image Transfer Class

We had our January Class & Clay Day on the 15th.  Pam, Ann, Cat and Eli attended.  At 1:00 pm Pam began the class, and she taught how to make image transfers using toner-based images and liquid clay.  Pam had Kato liquid, Eli and Ann had Sculpey liquid, and Cat had Fimo liquid.  Cat and Pam had also brought some waterslide transfers to share.

Ann worked with liquid clay that she tinted with alcohol-based inks.  She was making an abstract, raised pattern on a square of clay.  She also was making a cat piece for one of her granddaughters.  She was really excited about how the transfers she did had come out, because she had always had trouble with the technique previously.

Cat was working on making retro earrings.  She had made the green ones and brought them into the class to show them.  She made the black ones for her daughter.

Eli was working on three transfers:  a clock, a retro pattern, and an oriental image.

Pam was making a keychain for her son, using the Paris image, as a reminder of his trip to Europe that he enjoyed so much.  She also made a tiger pendant, and the tiger was painted by one of her co-teachers.

Everyone brought some food to share, and we had lunch together as we worked on our projects.  Eli had to leave early, but the others stayed until 5:00pm.


About Charlene Therien

Charlene is an award-winning artist who has been creating professionally since 2003. She preserves fresh or dried flowers into memorial keepsakes, whether the flowers are days old or decades old, she can preserve them for a lifetime in a commemorative keepsake.
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4 Responses to Image Transfer Class

  1. Debbie says:

    Love the site! The pictures of what you all made were awesome. What talented ladies you all are! Miss you and thinking of you! deb

  2. Cat says:

    Thanks, Debbie! So glad you stopped by to say hello!

  3. Kelly says:

    Nice work, ladies! Love that tiger, Pam.
    I miss Clay Days. If we could get them on a regular schedule ahead of time (didn’t we use to have Clay the 3rd Sat), then it would make it easier for me when planning a trip north – and surprise EVERYONE… not just a few. 😉

  4. Cat says:

    Kelly, you know we’d love to have you visit, any time you’d like to join us! Pam has a new poll up in the Yahoo Group, so take a minute to stop in there and vote, if you haven’t done so already.

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